in it for the money

by coastal car

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released May 27, 2015



all rights reserved


coastal car Kalamazoo, Michigan

not quite perfect

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Track Name: minor
i'm in the dark again
there's a letter waiting at my door
where have you been?
i'm never coming back
the carrot and the stick hang right over my head

give me away
give me a break

i'm just too young to see
i'm too young to be whatever it is i want to be
it all depends on you
but you can kick and scream until your face is turning blue

give me away
give me a break
Track Name: senior year
so tired of waiting for a stop
it's taxing but i've learned a lot
need sleep but i just lie awake
each day that is my last mistake

i told you but you didn't hear
that's how i spent my senior year
it's hard to trust, we all have known
it's so much easier alone
Track Name: want
why are you so afraid of what you want?
i know you too well to not see right through your smokescreen
it's clear in your sarcasm, your feelings shine through
if you did all you acted, you'd have nothing to do

the world doesn't care who you are
the world doesn't care what you want

maybe that's not such a bad thing
Track Name: dirt
dark sleeps in late
it was my favorite
a beam of light
to stop my aging