by coastal car

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released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


coastal car Kalamazoo, Michigan

not quite perfect

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Track Name: train
whats your story little boy?
did you catch the wrong train?
did it take away your pain?
or do you need a way home?

i saw you walking down the street
with your head between your feet
asking everyone you meet
what's the life expectancy here

you took another trip around
to finally get it out
i didn't know what it was about
til you came back screaming

about your watch that never stopped
cause the hands were always locked
so you never could concoct
a way to slow them down

yeah cause everytime i do it makes me wonder why i even try
and everytime i do it makes me feel like i'm about to die
i just wanna get back home
but i can't even get to sleep

i know you feel it
the changing in the air
lucky for us, what goes around comes back around

i dragged you on another drive
when the weather was real nice
but all you got was some advice
from strangers who said

"well i don't know you anymore
but i have been young before
and all your problems are a bore
to anyone who cares"

yeah so what's the point of trying if you all know how to kill the pain?
i feel like i'm exploding but you treat it like it's just a game
just show me to the door
you don't have to worry anymore

go real far
reel up to mars
to the deepest sea or the darkest cloud
and listen for me off in the distant hum
Track Name: ultraviolet light
every single day
we walk to the edge of the bay
all that's left is nothing left to say

because every single night
everything is alright
caught with you and the ultraviolet light

so how come you still dance alone with tears in your eyes?

i'm looking ahead to snow
making it up as i go
writing in columns and walking down the rows

because several times i've tried
but the feeling that builds inside
gets too much so i leave and go for a ride

but if i knew that you would know
then i would never never let you go

all the kids in the parking lot are wasting their precious time
but you can't feel the same things looking back or from the outside
it's not just sweetness and light
Track Name: all i wanna do
lately i've been dreaming about holding your hands
it's the one thing waking me up when i'm too tired to leave my bed
your hair looks so divine mixed with that saccharine smile
i'd sprint down the tennessee or down to the southern isles

cause all i wanna do is walk around with you

lately i can't take the forces pulling on me
head north for understanding, head south for curiosity
mostly they just cancel out and leave me at naught
but lately it's been feeling like your love is all i've got

cause all i wanna do is walk around with you

Track Name: trade centre way
my girl the communist
only trips on shrooms
only sleeps on acid
only talks in her room

how can i live above the way?
how does she go through ascension day?

she ripped the seats from my car
soaked it all in lye
and burned the rest of the little things
as far as meets her eye

i take a drive down trade centre way
wait for the sounds to pass away
she cannot think with the air so clear
and i cannot breathe when you are near
Track Name: halfway
i've got a plan to isolate
it's not as bad as some might say because

i can see the moon
from the window of the room i fall into

hesitation kills day by day
me and the birds still try to fly away so long as

we can see the sky
past the sweet suburban fields that we drive by, summer high

summer high

you know it'll happen but somehow it still makes you dizzy
but from up high
everything's fine

something is happening, everything's changing for you and me
but from the summertime
everything's alright
Track Name: what you wanted
never could whistle or stand in a line
but i swear i've got a good excuse
yeah the doctors and suits put things in my brain
yeah it must've had something to do

everybody's walking, everybody's talking
nobody gets it wrong

so tell me what was the point of all this? (it'll get you down)
was this what you wanted to see? (it'll bring you round)
guess this was what you wanted me to feel?

now the season's closing out and
it's rained for the past few days
it's getting dark as the lucky charm
that you've had for a couple of days

i never wanted to waste any of your time but
i never wanna let you go

so tell me what could go wrong with this luck? (hope you come around)
cause this is what i wanted for us (when you're feeling down)
and this is what i've wanted for so long
Track Name: in the summertime
i get some of the time
from medical towns and cuts
little defects in the silk run
cause i try to ignore it but
it's all i think about when the sun's at night

hours and minutes and weeks
get scrambled and rolled up tight
tossed across the room in delight
and i buy as much as i can but
i'm almost always broke in the summertime

in the summertime
Track Name: f u n
labor day
wave goodbye as summer fades away
another season come and gone so fast
fall breaks
you could never make the choice for great
you could never make the sunshine last

it's all of my time
in all that i try

this is so not worth the cost of growing up
but i'd never trade my friends to pay for all my fucking f u n
now look at what you've done