by coastal car

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available on cassette tape from It Takes Time Records
order here: ittakestimerecords.bandcamp.com/album/unmastered


released June 26, 2015



all rights reserved


coastal car Kalamazoo, Michigan

not quite perfect

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Track Name: driving round campus
streetlights turn off gradually
they fly above me
leaving dark in the wreckage

now i'm passing the highway
and on a bright day
there are cars and trucks and
people all around us

all i want is a nice space
in a nice place
with lamps in the rooms

but now my brain offends
it's a trend
it never seems to learn

we never really asked you
what you wanted for you
we never really asked you
Track Name: sleep
running to get back home
running to where i don't think it's obvious
headed to where i think
the best place in the world is for me to be

dreaming til i get sick
and making sure that i can't feel pain
now you're riding in the dream
you're much better with your wings than you thought you would be

i'm dreaming of getting out
i've dreamt and it's the first time since the new year
it's not what i've been looking for
but at least it is a step in the right direction
Track Name: just woke up
rain is pouring on the roof
wind comes up and sweeps the house away to outer space
sleep until it's time to leave
hope we float into a greater star that's big and far

rain is pouring in my ears
listen to the sound of bass and drums, the constant hum
lightning kills all your insides
thunder shakes me up and makes me feel like i am real
Track Name: fade
play in the closet of the house you used to live
i barely remember, i got so sick of it

playing touch football while your family runs away
standing still regardless, you leave your home someday

fade in the snow with your jacket on
while your friends scream out their favorite names
fade in the grass on a sunny day
while you think about how things have changed
Track Name: close
i spent the summertime
mostly waiting in line
and now i don't even care
what's the point of being fair?

give my blanket when i get cold
stay around me if i get old
make me real
that's all i've ever wanted to be
i hope that you agree

i want a bit of luck
i want a million bucks
it's all the same to me
i never like what i see

i want to see you and touch your skin
share the burden of living
make us learn that we've only ever really gotten close
and everybody knows
Track Name: night
it looks so pretty driving round at night
where every cross street has a blinking light
and though it's quiet, you can hear the sound
the nighttime light comes and makes the rounds

all the lights are shining blue and dark
onto the teens getting high in the park
and for the night it is a lovely scene
a drug induced love focused dream

where is your home when you don't know where to go?
Track Name: 0dd
turn the lights out
see the bands play
she's been waiting
for a friend

see your body
under the light
such a sad girl
such a cool night
Track Name: wait
time's getting tired of waiting for us to catch up
i'm getting bored of saving my stock of luck

i wait for you so i can get what i want
it's nothing new i'm just here to feel the haunt